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Aspect Hydra Shield 112gm

Aspect Hydra Shield 112gm

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**Please note that the packing on this product now states simply “zinc” rather than its SPF rating.   This is due to recent (Oct 2018)  TGA regulation changes. The formulation has not changed – it remains a superior physical UV blocker giving you all the protection you need plus is still a beautiful though light moisturiser  packed with potent skin protecting antioxidants, skin hydrators and nourishing botanical oils.

Aspect Hydra Shield is a lightweight, super-hydrating moisturiser that offers efficient sun protection (through Zinc) properties through the use of antioxidants, skin hydrators and nourishing botanical oils to provide great looking skin.

These powerful antioxidants do a lot more than provide nutrients to the skin. One of the most desirable benefits for antioxidants is their ability to calm inflammation. This is done by increasing cell metabolism and circulation.

A reduction in inflammation also reduces wrinkles, acne, scar visibility as well as firm your skin.

    All skin types, including sensitive and reactive. 


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