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Cosmedix Humidify Moisturiser 74g

Cosmedix Humidify Moisturiser 74g

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Cosmedix Humidify Deep Moisture & Firming Hydrator Moisturiser 74g

Discover deep hydration and immediate relief for dry and dehydrated skins with this Shea Butter enriched moisturiser. Niacinamide and skin conditioning properties help boost vital hydration stores whilst assisting the skin to protect itself against dehydration. By strengthening the skin's barrier function, irritation caused by dryness subsides as a smoother and more firm skin appearance is achieved. Lines become softened and a more youthful glow emerges as the signs of ageing are reduced.

  • Deeply hydrates the skin 
  • Helps skin retain moisture for longer 
  • Soothes and treats redness and irritation caused by dryness
  • Boosts skin’s barrier function 
  • Ideal for dry and dehydrated skin types


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